Production Testing

BWS production testing allows for our experienced operators to provide 24 hour well-site surveillance while monitoring well readings pertaining to gas rates, oil rates, and other fluids.

Frac Flowback Support

A BWS standby crew installs manifolds and flow lines before the frac in the case of a screen out during the frac job.

Frac Plug Drill-Out

A team of experienced BWS operators synchronize with work-over rig and coiled tubing operations to drill out frac plugs, and collect plug parts and debris.

Other Services

Perf Jobs

Completion Jobs

G-1 Testing

G-10 Testing

Test Lubricator

Nipple Up & Test Bops

Testing Flowlines

Testing Snubbing Stocks

Facility Watch

Sand Management

Coil Tubing Support

Toe Prep Job Support

Perf Job Support

Completion Job Support